Project Life Week Four

Hello Week Four! This week I stuck with my single page summary of the week, instead of using a double page spread. Yeiks, the restraint required! It was a bit painful this week, I'll admit. Some cute photos got edited out. Oh my. Not sure if I can stick with this more succinct format. 

I included my goals for the week, and a Week In Review write-up (though in 3x4 this week instead of 4x6 to save space for more photos this week.)

It was a quiet week, and the photos are all unrelated, just bits of this and that from the week.

On to Week Five! Hope you have a great one. Thanks for reading!

I'll be linking up with The Mom Creative this week. Be sure to click over to see lots of other examples of Project Life, or check out Becky Higgins to learn more about this memory keeping system.

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  1. Sometimes a quiet week is the best kind of all. Enjoy it as it gives you time to think and ponder about what you want to do as you travel through this life. Love, Mom