Project Life 2012 Weeks 50, 51, and 52

Lets face it, the last thing anyone wants to see right now is pictures from Christmas. I am feeling so done with it and ready to move onto 2013. Aren't you? I was loving the days of December while I was in it, but right now I'm all about January.

BUT... I can't very well leave Project Life for 2012 unfinished, and since I've finished it, I may as well share it. I like to complete things, and don't like loose threads. So bear with me for a last quick look back at December in my Project Life album. 

Week 50

Sometimes the closeup photos are my favorite bits. This is becoming one of my favorite techniques: to pick a photo and then add journaling on top of it to tell the story.

Week 51

I used a 4x4 insert and a tab to document our Winter Solstice celebration, one of my favorite traditions.

Full spread again with the insert flipped to the left (above.)

Week 52

I used a horizontal 8x10 insert to include an enlargement of my favorite photo of the week. (Above on the right.) I love this picture of the kids in their wagon, with Husband and Dog coming down the walk, with the lights twinkling and the tree lights visible through the window. It's a favorite tradition to walk the neighborhood on Christmas eve with hot cocoa, looking at the lights. We do it every year. The kids look forward to it all month. They still associate it with the double stroller we used for years, so now that they are too big for that they insist on being pulled in the wagon as a reasonable substitute. Luckily, we don't have far to go to see awesome lights in our neighborhood. It's a good reminder that sometimes the best things about Christmas can be simple, they can be free, and they can have nothing to do with gifts. Love that.

I included a few additional small inserts to save just a few of the Christmas cards we received, from grandparents, aunts and uncles.

And there you have it, 2012 is complete! Feels awfully good to have it done. I love that I stuck with it to the end, and have a year of our lives documented at this precious time when the kids are young.

I am definitely continuing on for 2013, though I've been thinking about ways I might approach it a bit differently this year. More on that to come soon. Meanwhile, thanks for sticking with me this year!


  1. Awesome mastery of the text over photo technique--really a great look and I love what you've done with it. I know you will treasure this documentation for the rest of your life. One thing that I've been thinking about that you mentioned in your process is the importance of taking a bit of time each week to look BACK as well as forward. I need to better track the arc of things, I think.

  2. Too funny. I too love the text over photo. How do you do it? Hmmm could be a great reason to get together for tea/coffee. Would you mind sharing your skills?

    1. Happy to share what little I know, over coffee! Is this Brette?

  3. You will be so pleased with yourself for documenting with pictures and text this time of your life. It is so precious and your children will be forever grateful to have it in the future. Beautiful! Love, Mom