One Little Word: January

Each year I choose a word to focus on. It's usually a either mantra to help me get through my days, or a word to challenge me toward a change of some kind. Often the words work both ways. Past words have included Resiliency, Buoyancy, Hope, and Curious. This year I've chosen Expand. (I wrote about why I chose Expand in this post.)

To help me keep my word more visible in my life, I've signed up for an online course that provides monthly assignments. It's the second year I've taken the course, and find that the assignments really do help me deepen my relationship with my word.

I've just completed the January assignment, and wanted to share in case it inspires anyone else to take up a word for the year, or join me in taking the class.

The assignment was to create 12 small cards expressing an intention related to your word, plus a photo of yourself, a title card, and a few extra fun cards for decoration. The little cards slip into a baseball card divided page protector. Above is my finished front page, and below is the back side.

I liked brainstorming the various ways I would like to "expand" in my life (plus one way I don't... in my waistline!) I'm sure there are more ways that this word will play out in the coming months, but it felt good to set some ideas down on paper at the beginning of the year.

I had some fun playing with the little decorative cards. I used my embossing equippment (a Christmas gift) for the first time on the little wooden star, above, which now is a sparkly greenish bluish. It was so exciting to see it go from powder to shiny and beautiful! I think I'm going to like this embossing thing.

Stars and circles and arrows felt like appropriate imagery for "expand," and I hope to find ways to incorporate these visuals throughout the year.

I am particularly pleased with how the photo of me turned out. We were at the beach on New Year's Day, and I had the idea to ask my husband to take a picture of me with my arms open wide. I love the expansive sky and water at the beach, and it is perfect for my theme. Many thanks to my hubby for his excellent photography skills.

For January's intention, I decided to think about what it would mean to expand my world. To take a small step in that direction, I decided to subscribe to the newspaper. You know, the old fashioned paper kind that gets tossed onto the driveway in the morning. It's been years since I took the paper, and my news knowledge has been appallingly low lately. My world sometimes feels quite small these days (about a 5 mile radius between home, school and the grocery store.) I think it might be time to expand my perspective, in the form of reading about the big wide world in the paper. (I can practically hear my parents saying "about time!") It's a start!

I hope you're getting off to a good start with your word! 

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