Around here

Around here I am...

Noticing that there is still beauty to be found on my walks in the neighborhood even though this is our coldest, barest time of year. (All the pictures in this post were taken one morning earlier this week while I was walking the dog.)

Feeling grateful that the kids are back at school and routines are returning to normal after a fabulous, but long, winter break.

So happy that Downton Abbey is back for Season Three. I watched the first episode last night and stayed up way too late doing it. But it was delicious and worth every yawn this morning.

Feeling chilly, even in the house. Is it bad to wear a hat and coat indoors? I don't know why I can't seem to warm up.

Looking ahead to the summer, (already!? yes, I'll admit I am, perhaps because I'm so chilly today) and setting a goal to have a basic plan for the summer worked out by the end of January. Wouldn't that be nice? We'll see if I can pull it off.

Still basking in some of the highs from our Winter Break, including my one night getaway with hubby.

So proud of my husband for getting into a rapid groove on a new fitness routine. Now if only my own could be getting off to such a great start...

Feeling a bit shy about blogging in this new year, for some reason. I'm not letting it stop me though, and hope that I'm not over-sharing.

Feeling both giddy and a bit overwhelmed by the wide open year stretching out ahead of me. I hope I find a way to make it great. I won't settle for anything less, of course, but it won't happen by itself, and that means it's up to me. Time to get going!

Thanks for sharing this space with me today.


  1. Not oversharing! Brave and open and connected. And btw, it's smart to keep the thermostat down: saves energy and makes you want to cozy up in front of the fire with coffee/tea/wine -- never a bad thing!

  2. I second Andrea. This is one of my favorite posts so far. Photos are amazing and the simple observations of what's going on for you, so, so welcome to all of us!! XOXO

  3. Please keep on sharing. I am fascinated by your discoveries and the way you open up to others. It inspires all of us. Love, Mom