Project Life Week 48

Happy Tuesday!

I'm working on a Project Life album this year, where I document each week in a double page spread, using Becky's system of divided page protectors. I love this project and am so happy to have my entire year documented in this way. I try to share my weekly spreads on Tuesdays. This week I'm sharing Week 48, the week immediately following Thanksgiving.

By far my favorite thing about this week's spread are the shoe pictures across the middle in the 3x4 slots. I'm participating in Elise's Mile A Day challenge, and, like her and many others, I'm posting a picture of my shoes to Instagram each day with the hashtag #mileaday. I decided to copy Elise again and make little cards for each day's photo, along with a letter sticker for the days of the week. And then I finished out the 8th spot with a typed card explaining the photos, with a "love this" digital stamp from Ali Edwards.

I wish I was more facile with Photoshop Elements. It would have been nice to add a border or do something fancier with this little card. (The "celebrate life" title is from Ali Edwards.) I'll have to look for a tutorial to learn some tips and tricks. And the text reads like an agenda from an accountant conference or something -- nothing but the facts. But at least I've got a record of what we did. But, all of that said, it works. I am totally happy with how it turned out.

Above are close ups of the left and right sides. And below, more pictures of those shoe cards. I just can't get enough of them.

This is one of my favorite weeks, I think because of all the repetition, both in the shoe pics, and also in the use of the color red in the journaling headers as well as the letter stickers. I'll have to remember that for future spreads. Repetition is good.

Hope you are having a great week!

I'll be linking to the Mom Creative today, where you can find lots and lots of other examples of Project Life spreads. Be sure to click over there for a visit.


  1. I love what Elise did with the shoes and I love your copy -the color of the leaves in your Saturday and Sunday photos are awesome!

  2. Love this layout and what a cool idea with the shoes! It is pretty easy to do a border in Elements - this is a great tutorial http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-photoshop-elements-9/creating-a-photo-borde/

  3. I love the mile a day shots. Such a good idea to keep you moving. Going to have to check out that challenge.