Project Life Week 46 & 47

Week 46

This week I had a few little stories, and no big theme, so I put a bit of journaling over the photos, printed them out, slipped them in, and called it a day. There was one story that required a bit more telling than could fit over the photo, so for that story I used a journaling card and wrote a bit more. I had two 3x4 slots left over when I was done, so I just filled them with pre-printed filler cards. Super simple, but the week is documented and done.

Full Spread

Right Side

Left Side

Closeup of Bottom left side

My favorite part are the two photos on the bottom of the left side, showing my son with his favorite snuggle toy ("Snuggle Dog"), and some of Snuggle Dog's pals. He had arrayed them on his bed, so I took the opportunity to add arrows and names to be sure we never forget this very important crew.

Week 47

Thanksgiving week I had many many photos, and I felt that they pretty much spoke for themselves. And with my energies shifting toward Christmas prep, December Daily, Advent calendars, etc. I decided that simple and fast was just fine. In the photos went.

I have an insert because there were so many photos and I just couldn't choose. I made a simple title card and typed up one journaling card, using a set from Ali Edwards with "gratitude" appropriately in the title.

Left side

Insert and Right Side


Another insert, to capture the Thanksgiving poems my kids left for me one day.

Full spread with inserts flipped to the left

The year is really winding down. Only a few more weeks to capture in this Project Life album. I can't believe it!

Hope you are having a great week.


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  1. Andrew's comments are always so thoughtful. What a great kid!