One Little Word 2013

My one little word for 2013 is "expand."

Definition: To open up, unfold; To increase the scope, enlarge

Synonyms: Unfold, Enlarge, Amplify, Develop, Elaborate on, Flesh out

I had been debating between several words over the past several months, including adventure, experiment, open, awake, and independence. But then a few days ago, "expand" popped into my mind and I haven't been able to shake it. So I'm going to go with it. They say sometimes you find the word, and sometimes the word finds you. This word has found me and it seems to be sticking.

For many years I operated within a relatively narrow definition of what I felt was expected, acceptable, appropriate and necessary in terms of how I spent my time and played in the world.

Partly as a result of my journey with my One Little Word for 2012, "curious," I made some big decisions in 2012 and decided to make some changes and embark on something new.

And now expand builds on the work of 2012 as I launch myself more fully into my new life.

I want to expand my skills by trying on new things and being open to learning, failing, and learning faster.

I want to expand the role my heart plays in guiding my decisions and my actions.

I want to expand 
my view of career and opportunity.

I want to expand my time by being more judicious in what I say "yes" to, and by being more disciplined and organized in how I manage my days.

I want to expand my world by going out into it more bravely and more often, embracing new experiences and adventures.

I want to expand my space by simplifying, de-cluttering, organizing, and beautifying the home I live in.

I want to expand my circle of relationships, and expand/deepen the existing relationships I have with friends and family.

(...and by the way, I don't want to see my waistline expand... and will be embracing the Daily Method and more running to expand my lifespan instead of my dress size.)

Welcome and come on in, expand. Lets see what we can do together!

One Little Word is a concept and online class developed by Ali Edwards.
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  1. I love EXPAND....My favorite phrase is "play in the world" and it feels like the whole post is about how you will expand how you play in the world. I plan to do OLW also, and have been considering a few words. Looking forward to seeing how the expanding unfurls in 2013!

  2. I think your word, expand, is an extension of curiiosity. When you explore using curiosity as a guide, you are expanding. I will be waiting with great CURIOSITY how you will expand those areas that you listed. I am going to choose a word too, but I have to think about it first. I'm so pleased and proud of you for taking this journey into the inner world and then using what you've learned there to EXPAND into the outer world. As always, you are my inspiration. Love, Mom