Hello December

Hello December!

I'm thinking about my One Little Word for 2012 ("curious") as I round up the year.

Right now I'm curious about...

...how memories get made. I have lots of holiday activities planned for this month, but how do I turn those activities into cherished memories that last a lifetime? (And how do I avoid the alternative of simply creating busy-ness that leaves us tired and worn out?)

...how to inspire an authentic joy in giving. Many people I've talked to say they enjoy giving more than receiving. It's a shift that occurs for many of us along the way. When and how does this shift occur? What can I do this season to connect my children to the enjoyment and art of giving?

...how to bring more rest & relaxation into my holiday season. When I first sat down to plan out my December, rest and relaxation could not have been further from my mind. But when I quizzed my husband about his holiday vision, those were top of his list. It made me think about how easy it is to do too much, and that the surest path toward a stressful holiday is to take on too many projects, push too hard, and leave everyone more exhausted than merry. This holiday season I'll be trying to temper my tendency toward overdoing it... and allow everyone a bit of rest.

May we

May we create memories that we cherish 

May we take more joy in the giving than the receiving

May we remember always the true spirit of Christmas and strive to focus more on others than ourselves

May we find joy, merriment and cheer this holiday

May we also find, in equal parts, rest, relaxation, and peace

May we finish the year with gratefulness for all we have and all that we are

Hello December!

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