December Daily: Dec 17-20

I've really enjoyed selecting a picture or story to highlight each day for this little holiday album. Catching up, I'm sharing Monday through Thursday in this post.

Monday was the day our long-awaited Christmas cards arrived from TinyPrints. The kids loved helping me stuff, stamp, and address the stamps. Then we packed up the stack in a bag and took off down the street to the nearest post box. Kenna came too. I love receiving cards every year, and I love sending them too. 

2012 Holiday Card (front)
2012 Holiday Card (back)

On Tuesday, we were in for a treat. Jeff made a spontaneous decision to bring home an XBOX. It hadn't been among our Christmas plans for the family, so why wait until Christmas when you can set it up and get started RIGHT NOW?

I decided on a clear overlay for the letter stickers "Hello XBOX", and stapled on a little tab card I had from my kit. I printed out a tiny 1x1 photo of Jeff watching the kids play with the XBOX, and added some stars and "The Hero" to it in Photoshop, and adhered it to the tab.

 On the other side of the tab card, I wrote a little bit of journaling, which you can see through the overlay.

And here's the Tuesday card with the overlay flipped to the other side. I love that I caught my son mid-air, jumping during the river rafting game.

On Wednesday, I decided to feature a photo of some of the presents that are gradually accumulating on a high shelf (away from the dog's curious teeth) as I wrap them. I am trying to minimize wrapping paper waste this year by re-using some fabric bags I sewed a few years ago, and using the backs of paper grocery bags adorned with red pom pom yarn. I hope they look festive. I'm just tired of spending money on wrapping paper and ribbons that get immediately tossed. It seems like a waste in so many ways.

This "Ho Ho Ho" page is something I made ahead of time, and decided this was a good place to slip it in, across from the presents. I used paint and rubber stamps on chipboard to make it.

On Thursday, I took another step toward filling my house's blank walls. A few weeks ago, I purchased letter art to spell out the word "savor", and on Thursday I put them up on the a narrow wall near our main dining space, and directly in view of the kitchen (where I stand all the time.) I am loving the colorful reminder to savor life's little moments.

May you be merry this Christmas, and savor the joys of December.


  1. Love looking through your book. Your photos are amazing.

  2. You continue to amaze and delight me with your journaling, pictures and sharing of your thoughts. Love, Mom

  3. You continue to amaze and delight me with your project life, journaling, pictures and sharing yourself.