Advent Calendar Day Two: Elving Assignment #1

Elving. It's a term coined by Soule Mama, I believe, and it refers to the process of preparing holiday surprises and treats for friends and loved ones.

Seeking ways to help my kids get into the spirit of Christmas -- the giving part -- I've introduced them to the concept of Elving, and will be incorporating elving assignments into their advent calendar.

Today they received some little chocolates and a note suggesting that they sneak one into a a friend's backpack at school, an idea I am borrowing from my friend Cristina who was sharing all her creative elving ideas with me the other day.

As a follow up to yesterday, the paper chain supplies from Day One of the advent calendar are now housed on a tray in the center of our dining table, and the chain (only a couple of links long so far) is is sprouting from one of the hanging lights above the table.

Hope you are enjoying the anticipation of the holidays in your house.

Happy Sunday!

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