Advent Calendar Day One: The Christmas Spirit Paper Chain

The Christmas Spirit Paper Chain

1) Catch someone in the act of exhibiting the true spirit of Christmas.

2) When an act is spied, write it on a strip of paper and add a link to the chain.

3) Store the jar of paper strips on the kitchen counter or dining table where it is highly visible and accessible to the whole family.

4) Watch the kids get totally into it, and watch the chain get gloriously longer throughout the month of December!

This is fast becoming a treasured tradition in our house. We start the chain in the beginning of December, and hang it somewhere visible in our house. This year the chain is being introduced as part of our advent calendar, Day One!

Happy December 1st!


  1. What wonderful memories you are making for your kids. I wish I'd thought of all these things when you were little. I'm so proud of you! Love, Mom

  2. I'd add your elving to the chain if I could...