Week 11 Goals

I'm in the 11th week of my year off, and contemplating my weekly goals, as I always do at the beginning of each week.

I am feeling the passing of November, and the passing of 2012, very keenly. The year is wrapping up, and the holiday season is practically upon us.

So this week, as I contemplate my goals, I'm thinking in terms of what last few things I want to accomplish in 2012, and about how I can start wrapping those things up so that I can turn my attention fully to the holidays, which start next week(!).

All of that said, here are the themes coming to mind for me this week.


I've been making slow but steady progress on my 30 day novel, and am realizing fully now how difficult it is to keep up a pace of 1677 words per day for a solid month. It takes me quite a long time each day to write that many words (perhaps because I don't have a well mapped out plan and I'm pausing a lot to think about where I want my story to go.) And if there is a day where life gets in the way (i.e. my half marathon weekend, my daughter's surgery) it's very easy to fall behind. And very difficult to catch up.

This week I will write as much as I can, and make some notes about the rest of the story so that I can easily pick it back up again if I decide to put the story on hold until after the holiday rush.


I'm feeling a huge amount of energy and momentum toward my new art journal. I hope to continue finding time to spend time here this week and into the holidays.


After the big energy output of the half marathon last weekend, and with the weather turning chilly, I'm thinking in terms of milder, more restorative forms of exercise. Walking, yoga, and stretching are looking very appealing as a way to finish the year with a restorative focus. I will plan on ramping back up to higher intensity again in January.


I got a peek at a friend's remodel this weekend, and it gave me a surge of new motivation to tackle my undone home maintenance and decorating projects. But with more ambition than time, and a tendency toward overwhelm in this area, I'd like to narrow in on just a couple of projects this week to satisfy that need without biting off more than I can chew.

This morning, I happened upon a "celebrate" banner I made a couple of years ago with help from the kids. (It's super simple, made of newspaper which we painted, and then drew on letters with a sharpie.) I used a couple of thumb tacks to put it up on the wall above our couch. Fun! It's not a permanent solution for that space, but it's and better than a blank wall.

Thanksgiving Prep

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, I want to keep up my focus on the 30 Days of Thankful project, and get a few Christmas gifts wrapped and ready to be packed into the car and delivered to the relatives we'll see at Thanksgiving but not at Christmas. And I've got a fun project in the kitchen that I'm planning to do with the kids.

Have a great last week of "regular life" before we get swept into the holiday season starting next week!

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