Project Life Week 45

"Thank you for coming to this wonderful restaurant" (translated from the 6 year old spelling)

Happy Tuesday!

This week I am sharing Week 45 (Nov 5-11) of Project Life 2012.

I kept things very simple this week, using just photos, a few stickers, and a journaling card or two. Simple is good. Some weeks, things come together slightly more artfully with a color theme or some fancier digital overlays. And some weeks I just document, with no frills. I'm finding I'm just as happy with those weeks, and so pleased I've been able to keep up with this project all year long.

I had a lot of little unrelated stories on this left side. In a few cases there was room to add a label sticker right onto the photo, where I added a bit of journaling. Where I couldn't fit a label sticker, I used Becky Higgins' number stickers to match photos to numbered journaling notes on a card. Those number stickers feel a bit old school, but they do the job.

I like how this little part turned out. I printed two Instagram pictures I took of my new art journal, and placed them onto some plain colored Project Life cards and created the title with a simple label sticker.

Finally, here is the right side, telling the story of my daughter's surgery. It was a big week for her (and me), but fortunately everything turned out well and she's fully mended now.

On to Week 46!


I will be linking up with the Mom Creative today. Be sure to click over to her site for more Project Life examples and inspiration.


  1. Ahhh, I'm dying over the invented spelling, so darn cute! :-) I've found that I do better when I keep things simple on my pages too.

  2. I love the art journal cards! What a great way to showcase your efforts! And I'm learning that simple works really well for me, as well.

  3. So cute!! I LOVE the handwritten note from your little guy - makes me wish my kids still wrote cute stuff like that.

  4. LOVE the handwritten card from your 6 year old. So sweet.
    Glad the surgery went well. She looks like a brave little girl.