Project Life Week 43

Happy Tuesday!

This week I'm sharing Week 43. It was a big week for us, and I ended up with lots of pictures from our weekend in Butano, and some cards and keepsakes from my birthday, so there are several layered inserts this week.

I decided to try a newspaper-themed layout this week, and tried to do all the journaling in the style of newspaper "headlines." I even tried writing an "article" about our Butano weekend, which turned out to be a lot of fun.

Here is the spread again but with some inserts flipped, and some still laying on the right. (Yes, I had way too much this week, and just decided to go with it!)

And last but not least, a few close ups of my favorite bits. Above is cut from the card my 8 year old daughter made for me on my birthday. I should have framed it, actually, I love it that much.

I got the idea, from my online Project Life inspiration wanderings, of capturing a commonly used and favorite word (in this case, my daughter's use of "Awkward" in all sorts of situations). It's not the kind of thing you can capture a picture of, but I don't want to forget it. So I used a 3x4 pocket to capture it.

And I just love taking close up pictures of the details that sometimes just make an event, and are easy to forget. The guacamole my sister made. The scavenger hunt my husband organized for the kids. Our game of Apples to Apples with all the cousins. So much fun.

On to Week 44!

I am linking up with The Mom Creative today for Project Life Tuesday. Be sure to click over to Jessica's site to see a lot of examples of other people's albums. And click here for more information about Project Life.


  1. Love your layouts. That's such a great idea to scrap a favorite word. My son's current favorite is awesome. EVERYTHING is awesome. :o)

  2. this is fun - love the headlines.... and we played LOTS of apples to apples over the last few weeks - a really fun game!

  3. Laurel, the birthday card Julia made for you is absolutely beautiful -- a keeper forever. Make a copy and then frame it like you wanted to. Sooooo sweeeeeet! Love, Mom