Project Life Week 42

Happy Tuesday!

I'm excited to share my Week 42 spread with you today. I think it might be one of my favorite weeks. Super simple, but I just love it. Maybe it's because I really enjoyed the two big outings featured this week, so the spread carries extra special warm fuzzies for me.

Here's the entire spread:

I think it's hard for the week with the pumpkin patch outing to be dull. You just can't go wrong this time of year. There is something about pumpkins and kids that just equal great shots year after year. Here's a close up of the left side:

I made the little orange "I heart this life" card by following Cathy Zilske's video tutorial at the bottom of this post, with Ali Edward's Hello Life Boxes set. I really wanted to use it, but I had too many cute 3x4 photos. So I decided to use the card in "lift the flap" style, hiding a super cute photo of my sister and her husband smooching in the pumpkin patch. Darling!

Here is a closeup of the right hand side, featuring our trip on the train to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and dinner at Mellenium Restaurant.

I enjoyed using the little ticket stubs and business cards from the places we went that night. The Love this Life card is a free download designed by Cathy Zileske, offered by Becky Higgins.

On to Week 43!

I'm linking up with The Mom Creative today for Project Life Tuesday. Be sure to click over to Jessica's site to see a lot of examples of other people's albums. And click here for more information about Project Life.


  1. Nice pages! I like how you added all the tickets and stubs from your night out :)

  2. Laurel, you continue to amaze me with your creativity, open mind, determination, persistence, and so much more. I love the way you have nurtured your friendships with Cristina and Kelly in a fun, creative way. So much to inspire in what you are doing. Good luck with the novel and have fun doing it! Love, Mom

  3. The pumpkin patch photos are wonderful. I love how to did a lift the flap deal on the picture of your sister. Very clever.

  4. Great pages! Love the pumpkin patch photos and the color scheme throughout the spread.