How'd I do? Week Nine Goals Revisited

It's Sunday night, and I'm looking back over my Week Nine Goals.

It was Halloween week, and we had so much fun.

There were costumes to assemble.

There were school parties to enjoy, and prepare for. (My contributions to the 1st grade party were string cheese -- made to look like spooky fingers -- and bananas -- with ghostly faces. A very simple and easy contribution that the kids seemed to appreciate, simple though it was.)

There were costume parades to enjoy. I just love the Halloween parades.

And of course lots and lots of candy.

But, the Highlight Of The Week, by far, was the US Half Marathon, this morning.  Running 13.1 miles in less than 3 miles was a HUGE goal, and one I frankly never thought I would attempt, much less achieve.

I'm feeling so very grateful for my friend Cristina, over at Rubies & Rubble, who suggested signing up, and orchestrated the whole thing, from making reservations, to insisting that I protect my knee from injury at key points in our training plan, to holding my stuff during the race in the cool hidden pocket in her running pants, to giving me a key visual (a balloon tied to a string connected to my spine) that got me through the rough patches of running the race. She's amazing, and I was so lucky to run the race with her.

For a detailed account of the race, see my race report, posted earlier today.

And last but not least, my last objective of Week Nine was to start my 30 Day Novel, and hit the daily word goals per the National Novel Writing Month plan.

With the 1/2 marathon to focus on, I am sorry to say that I didn't hit my daily word goals this weekend. But I did start it on schedule on Thursday, November 1, and exceeded my daily word goals on Thursday and Friday. I put a little widget on the sidebar of my blog (right) to track my word counts.

I've got a little catching up to do next week.

On to Week 10!

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