How'd I do? Week 11 goals revisited

It's Monday morning and I am looking back over my Week 11 Goals.

For no good reason, I'd expected Julia to be recovered from her surgery and back in school by Tuesday. But the recovery took longer than I expected, so I had her home with me until Thursday.  As a result, I had a lot less time than I thought I would this week.... so I have a mixed bag of results for last week's goals.

Lets start with the bad news. 

Writing:  I have stalled out on my 30 Day Novel. At this point, it will take a miracle to get it done by the end of November, particularly with Thanksgiving travel coming up this week. I'm sadly resigning myself to the reality that I won't accomplish this particular goal. Perhaps November was a poor month to choose for it, with the half marathon, Julia's surgery, and Thanksgiving travel to get in the way. That said, there are always things that will get in the way, and ideally I should still be able to find the time to write. I am committed to the novel, and excited about my story and my characters (as of my 10,056 words) so I will plan to pick up this goal again after the holidays.

Exercise:  I declared it to be a week for restorative exercise, but I'm afraid even some of the easy stretching and walks I'd planned fell by the wayside in the face of a child out of school and my general state of energy with the around-the-clock post-operative child care. 

But the week was not without accomplishment.

While it wasn't officially in my Week 11 goals, it occurs to me that my ability to be fully present with Julia during her recovery week is a huge accomplishment in itself. I feel so privileged to have been able to be by her side throughout the ups and downs. I think it meant a lot to her, and I think we grew closer this week because of it. So, the failure to exercise properly and keep up with my novel are happy sacrifices for this huge win in my week.

I also managed a few projects related to my "home," "art," and "holiday prep" goals from last week. 

 1) We did some little projects around the house to spruce things up and eliminate a few more of those blank walls I've been tackling one by one. For example, the blank wall above the piano is now a nice little display space. My husband hung the ledges for me (which we had in the garage, unused since we moved out of the last house), and I filled them with some pretty things that I found around the house or created for this space.

2) I managed to find space for a few quick pages in my art journal. This page is my favorite.

3) The kids helped me prepare some yummy Thanksgiving treats to bring to our hosts.

4) We kept up with 30 Days of Thankful.

5) I caught up with Project Life (post coming tomorrow.)

On to Week Twelve!

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