Getting ready for December: Advent Calendar Books

This year I thought I'd round up our Christmas books and use them to add to the excitement and drama of December by wrapping them up and labeling them for the days of the month. I'm hoping the kids get excited about opening one up each night for a reading by the fireplace.

I had fun thinking about the right order for the books, and planning certain books to coincide with activities we are already planning for the month. 

I used brown paper grocery bags, pages from holiday catalogues, and leftover scraps of kraft paper to wrap them up. I tied them all with a plain twine that I had on hand, and I cut out scrapbook paper letters to label them.

I was three books short, so I left the Friday's open and gave 7, 14 and 21 to my husband. I thought it would be fun for him to bring home one new holiday book each Friday evening to kick off the holiday weekend festivities.

I kept a list of which books were in each package, so that I can switch them around easily later if needed, or find a particular one quickly if I need to.

I found a basket that just barely fit them all, and I've placed it by the fireplace. 

Can't wait for Dec 1st!


  1. I put it on Pinterest -- maybe your idea will spread!

  2. So excited for your month of cozy reading!!!

  3. You are soooooo creative, Laurel! I love that idea and I think the kids will get a kick out of it. Reading Christmas stories each year is a wonderful tradition. When they are a bit older, they will enjoy "A Chriatmas Carol" the original -- and then go see the play. Remember I was a chaparone at your 6th gread class field trip to the SF version? So great! Love, Mom

  4. Love this idea! The pile on the coffee table just doesn't get the attention it used to.