A Persimmon Bread Morning

Hello Wednesday. Hello mid-November (already!). Hello fall morning.

My parents have a persimmon tree and they gave me a sack full a few weeks ago. They've been slowly ripening in my fridge, and I've been so busy I worried I wouldn't get to them in time.

But this morning I saw a window of opportunity, and leaped on my chance to try out this recipe I've been eyeing.

It's a very healthy bread, made with whole wheat flower, applesauce instead of oil, and agave nectar instead of sugar. There are no eggs or dairy products. It's a guilt-free recipe in every way.

It's quite tasty, I was somewhat surprised to discover.  While I can't say it's rich and crumbly like my banana bread recipe, which is laden with butter and sour cream, I can say it's very satifying with a nice texture and a subtle sweetness. I think it will make a great fall snack for after school, or to pack in kids lunch boxes, or toasted for breakfast.

I hope you're having a delicious fall morning where ever you are.


  1. wow! amazing persimmon photo--they hardly look real!

  2. sounds like a recipe I'd like to have. Do you think you could use some other fruits besides persimons?