a mile a day

I'm joining Elise Blaha in her "mile a day" challenge, where she runs one mile each day between Thanksgiving and New Years, and records each run on Instagram with the hashtag #mileaday.

After the half marathon accomplishment earlier this month, the temptation to slack off until January was strong. This time of year is cold, dark, often wet, and so full of busy plans that it's easy to let exercise slip to the bottom of the list.

I needed something to keep me moving, but yet also something that was gentle and easy and realistic, to bridge me to the new year and its more ambitious healthful resolutions. Elise's mile a day felt just perfect.

So, Thanksgiving morning, I roped in my Mother-in-law, and we clocked our first mile, walking.

We clocked another one the next day.

And then on Saturday I spent 8 hours in the car driving home, and didn't manage to get out there. :(

But, I forgave myself, and got out there on Sunday. And this time I ran, clocking over 2 miles at a run and a couple more walking with a friend. So I felt I made up for Saturday's miss well enough.

And on Monday, I ran again, this time with the dog.

And Tuesday I had almost no time, but managed to sneak exactly one mile into the day inbetween activities. In jeans, oh well.

And Wednesday I took the dog out again and got my mile done (in the rain.)

My favorite part is taking a picture of my shoes and posting them to Instagram with the hashtag #mileaday. I don't know why, but it feels so satisfying to get that picture posted. It's like giving myself a gold star. Very motivating.

Follow the hashtag #mileaday on Instagram and you'll see how many people are in on this. It makes it a lot more fun to feel like you're part of a group.

Join me?


  1. love the feet pictures, and that you are getting out there! I'll be back with you soon, I hope!!!

  2. Selfishly, I love MY feet in your pics!