Weekly Goals: Week Eight

Happy Monday!

It's the beginning of the eighth week of my year off.

This week I'm going to tackle technology. I've got some challenges I'd like to take on... with my blog, my photo editing and library system, on my camera, my phone, with my domain (laurelholman.com, which doesn't point anywhere yet), etc...

Tackling technology issues is not my favorite thing to do, but I think I'm ready this week to look the challenge squarely in the eyes. No flinching.

In addition to going toe to toe with my technology challenges, I've also got a long list of little things I'd love to get to, including (to name a few)...

...start some more formal planning for my "Rapid Experiments" phase which starts in January
...gear up my holiday planning, gift buying, and December Daily foundation pages
...start some new bedtime rituals with my kids that I've been thinking about
...reconnect with some more old friends
...ramp up my physical activity even more
...and maybe, possibly, go shopping for a new washer/dryer. (I'm dreading this for some reason.)

And, it's my birthday this week. Tomorrow actually. I'm not one to make a big deal about it, but I do want to be sure I recognize the milestone and let myself enjoy it and have some fun!

Have a great week.

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