Right Now

View along the Wildcat Loop Trial at Rancho San Antonio  County Park

Right now I am:

Still feeling the glow of the hike with my sister at gorgeous Rancho San Antonio.

Feeling grateful for my husband who's been so supportive of my plans to take a year off.

Happy to find that my kids left a little ice cream in the bottom of the tub. 

Tickled that somebody "Boo'd" us tonight. So much fun!

Starting Chapter 9 of Gretchen Rubin's "The Happiness Project", and still loving the book.

Excited about reading the November issue of Better Home and Gardens magazine, which arrived in my mailbox today.

Looking forward to a date night with my husband tomorrow night. 

Noticing that I'm finally starting to feel more relaxed as the stressful pace of working life recedes further into the past.

Happy Friday to you!

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