Project Life 2012 Week 39, and Week 40 in progress

Nearly every week on Monday morning I look back at the photos from the prior week and pick out a few highlights to print and place into my Project Life album. (Project Life is a simple scrapbooking method created by Becky Higgins.)  

I love this project. I started in January and have been updating the album weekly all year. I try to do one spread per week, and try to include a mix of photos, ephemera (tickets, artwork, etc.), and journaling. 

I love it because:

It's like a visual gratitude journal, reminding me of all the wonderful moments I am so lucky to experience each week.

It's a place to document our family story and create magic out of the little everyday ins and outs of our week that would otherwise be easily forgotten.

It's a treasure trove of memories for me and my family to enjoy always. 

Here's what my spread looked like for Week 39.

Project Life Week 39, Full spread
I enjoyed working with overlays and brushes in Photoshop Elements this week, and made use of a lot of digital elements from Ali Edwards, my favorite digital scrapbooking designer. Here are closer-up shots of the left and right sides.

Left side
I still need to add their favorite songs above on the card on the left. Julia is loving "Call Me Maybe", and Andrew's favorite is currently "Dynomite", but where they heard them and how they latched onto these two particular songs is beyond me.

Right side

For Week 40, I haven't yet received the prints back from the printer, so I'll share the photos I am planning for the spread, and next week I'll share what it looked like in finished layout. I had fun playing around with fonts, overlaying the text headlines and journaling directly over the photos.

I shared this post on The Mom Creative, in their Project Life Tuesday series. Visit her for loads of inspiration and more examples of other people's Project Life albums.

And don't forget to snap some pictures and jot some notes about what happened this week in your house. It's amazing how easy it is to forget the details.

Have a great week!


  1. Thank you for posting these. I LOVE the font over the photographs. I think you should comment this on Gretchen Rubin's post about how she wished she had taken pictures of her everyday life in San Francisco. Go Laurel!!

  2. I love all the overlays you used. They look really great. Also, really like the idea of including everyone's current favorite songs. What a fun idea.