Power Ups

Inspired by this Ted Talk and its discussion of "Power Ups", I've been thinking about what my Power Ups are, and how to leverage them. It's my mission for Week Six.

My Power-Ups (a sampling, in no particular order)


Sundays with Cristina

The Dailey Method

Art dates with Kelly

Time with Sis


Getaways out of town

G.O.A.T. Outings 

A hot cup of coffee

Organizing Projects

Entertaining family

Art and being creative in whatever form

Checking things off my list


I love this list, and love that it's incomplete and always evolving.

I've got more thinking on the way about how to more strategically leverage my Power Ups to get me through my weeks with more energy.

The list also made me think about some of my current "Power Downs", which are equally important to identify, so that I can be strategic about avoiding or minimizing them.

My Power Downs: Too much noise; A messy kitchen / cluttered house; Excessive blog-hopping; Excessive gossip or complaining; Whining of any kind

I also identified a few "False Power Ups". These are things that feel like they are going to help power  me up, but in the long term (and even the short term) they usually don't. They include:

My False Power Ups: That second glass of wine; Eating baked goods; Naps

More to come soon on how I plan to engage the Power Ups to streamline and energize the week.

What is on your Power Ups list?


  1. I hadn't seen this TED talk yet, so I just watched it. Great! I will share it with my study group (I lead a study group on the TED talks at OLLI). I think your two additions to the Power Ups list are so important -- the power downs and the false power ups. Thanks so much for sharing!