Letter to the blank walls in my home

One of the MANY empty walls in my house.
Dear walls,

You've been empty for a long time. Awaiting inspiration. Inviting creativity. A symbol of possibility. A sign of better things to come.
You've been empty for a long time. Blank. A symbol of indecision. Fear of commitment. Potential for failure and disappointment.

For years I've wavered on the edge of this contradiction, almost ready to take the plunge, yet held back by the quiet voice of uncertainty.

In my mind's eye, I can see you filled with color, joyful inspiration, and expressions of my style, our family's values, and our collective creative endeavors.
Yet I fear the crestfallen awareness that I could have done better. That my choices won't live up to my expectations.

How long will this go on? 
Today, I declare: No longer.

I'm ready to take a chance, put myself out there, make a statement, embrace mistakes.

After all, you're my walls. Your very nature is supportive, sheltering. Like a good friend, you're surely on my side.
You'll be forgiving of mistakes, with a little help from Spackle and those jars of touch up paint.

Your empty spaces are a gentle challenge. 
That's just what I need right now.

Lets see what we can do together.


This letter to my walls is another in the series started by my "Dear Fall" letter (inspired by Ali Edwards), and inspired also by this post by my friend Cristina where she writes a note to her minivan, a red sweatshirt, and her nursing nightgown.

Is there something in your life that you'd like to write to? Post your own letter in my comment section, or on your blog and leave me a link. Thanks for participating!


  1. I have a whole empty Living room. It's overwhelming! But you've inspired me to tackle that too! What would I write a letter too? Minivan is a great idea! My fridge, my garden, the library, the democratic party.

  2. I love your approach -- letter writing -- it is creative, inspiring, honest, soul baring and heartfelt. You are taking a risk and putting your SELF out there. Good for you for being so brave -- no one is judging you -- except you. It's OK to be yourself -- who better? Love, Mom