How'd I do? Week Five goals revisited

me, right now, as is.
It's Monday, and I'm looking back on my goals for Week Five. This week, I offer some observations, rather than an exhaustive report-out on the details of what got done and what didn't.

Last week didn't feel like my biggest hit. I made some progress on the goals I set, but somehow that progress didn't leave me with the satisfied feeling I've had in other weeks.

I've been thinking about why. And I've noticed a few things that I'm curious about.

1. I didn't get as much exercise last week as I've been getting over the past few weeks. Can it be that my body has already gotten used to my higher level of activity, and missed it when I pulled back a bit?

2. I missed my usual Sunday run with my friend Cristina, which I value partly for the exercise (see #1), but even more for the conversation. She lifts me up, and inspires my creativity in a way few others do. I really felt the absence of this weekly connection.

3. I also missed my usual weekly Art date with my friend Kelly. It's a new friendship that has already come to mean a lot to me. We have been getting together to work on a painting project weekly since I left work, and I missed not seeing her last week.

4. A few challenges came up at home that I took time to invest in, and while it was the right thing to do, those challenges drained my energy and left me worn out.

5. Last week I went back to having multiple goals (vs the single theme-of-the-week I'd been using previously) and I think the mid-week decision making about which goal to tackle derailed me a bit.

These observations got me thinking again about the Ted Talk I mentioned at the bottom of this post, where Jane McGonigal introduces the concept of a "Power-Up" and talks about the importance of knowing what your Power Ups are (among many other gems in this packed Ted Talk). I think there are some hints in my observations this week about what powers me up. I'll be posting again later this week on the topic of Power Ups.

On to Week Six....


  1. Laurel, you are a top POWER UP for me too! Our runs make all the difference. XOXOC