A quick boost: Mini-crafting

Paper, glue, scissors, ribbon, glitter, paint, some old magazines, and a sharpie.

That's what a friend and I sat down with yesterday when we gave ourselves a 15 minute time limit, and the assignment to create something that reminds us to be grateful. A "gratefulness prompt" she dubbed it.

I wasn't sure what a "gratefulness prompt" was, exactly, but it seemed to have all the ingredients of a good thing: craftiness, the companionship of doing it with a friend, and the theme of gratefulness. How can you go wrong with that?

We set the timer and dove in.

The time limit ensured we wouldn't over-think anything, and the resulting piece is certainly not art or even a "craft" in the usual sense. But the experience of just going for it, putting glue to paper, and having a little fun was an awesome way to put an energy boost into my day.

I started with a layer of white paint that I swirled around to create some texture on the page. You can't see it in the finished piece, but I loved the fun of swirling the paint, and I love texture it created. (I will definitely be exploring this technique more on an upcoming project I have in mind.)

I was drawn to the blues and greens in my ribbon stash, and liked the idea of bold stripes of color.  On they went.

I left space in the middle to write the word "Yes," a word which is resonating for me right now.

And I was impressed by my friend's use of glitter on her project, so I borrowed some and added a wavy line of glue across the middle. (Sparkles! Yay!)

Another ribbon strung through some punched holes, and voila! I declared it done.

What I liked about this little mini-project:

The time limit helped cut down on self-judgment and indecisiveness. 

I hadn't planned anything in advance, nor purchased any supplies. The constraint of using whatever was on hand was helpful in getting me more quickly to "doing," and I avoided the "over-thinking" that can sometimes keep me from getting started on projects.

Having an "assignment" in mind (in our case, to create some form of a "gratefulness prompt"), even though it was quite unspecific, gave me just enough of a focus to move into action quickly.

Knowing it was quick, I wasn't worried about what the end product was going to look like. I just dived in and focused on the process, not the end result.

My friend's project, by the way, turned out totally different from mine, and I love that two people with the same assignment, the same supplies, and the same time constraint, can come up with such completely different outputs. So fascinating! So fun!

Here's her finished product (above.) I am loving her use of the word "Notice" and the exclamation point.

Your turn! Gather whatever you have on hand and set a timer for 15 minutes. Let yourself just do it, and don't worry about what it looks like. Have fun!


  1. I can hardly think of anything that isn't improved with a little glitter-real or imagined ;-) LOVED the mini craft yesterday! --Cristina

  2. Looks so fun!
    If YES is resonating with you, then I have a poem for you. Well, a verse from a poem:

    Yes is a world
    and in this world of
    yes live
    (skillfully curled)
    all worlds.
    -- e e cummings