Week Two Goals

Watercolor and black sharpie: an exercise in less planning, more doing
Theme for the week: Leave Room

1) Have fewer goals this week than last week, with less specificity.
2) Don't plan as much for each day, leaving room for what's happening in the moment to guide the way.
3) Catch up on Project Life and post some pictures of my recent scrapbooking progress.
4) Empty the closet and put back only the clothes I am most likely to wear in my new life.
5) Do something just for fun. And think up something to do with the family too that's just for fun.
6) Continue the good work started in Week One on exercise, stretching, cooking dinner, and meditation.

As you can see, I'm leaving room this week for a little less structure and hopefully a little bit of just plain fun. 

Generally speaking, I believe thrive on structure. And in the past few years, I've been living in a highly structured environment at work (booked in meetings every hour or half hour all day long). Even just one week into my year off, I can see myself trying to replicate that busyness and structure at home. It may well be that this is what ultimately will work for me and keep me going. But it may also be that part of the learning I'm after with this experiment will be to experience less structure and see what happens to my time, my mind, my thoughts. (My wise mama gave me a helpful nudge on this one, thanks Mom!) Hence, my "lighter" goals for this week. 

What are you planning for this week?


  1. You're off to a great start! And I really admire the way you are setting goals & looking to make the most of your free time. It's very inspiring! I need to do the same for myself. Any suggestions? Hartley xo

    1. Thanks for the recognition. I'm glad you gave it a triy. You inspire me! Love, Mom