Week Three Goals

The "before" picture of my Front Room
Theme for the week: Reclaiming my space. Part One: The Front Room

Spending more time in the house, I'm seeing things I never really saw before. For example,

I'm seeing the dirty walls in the hall, just calling out for a fresh coat of paint.

I'm seeing the broken dryer which still dries (thank goodness) but never turns off (hello energy waster), calling to finally be repaired.

Piles of paper stacked in a corner of my living room.
I'm seeing that pile of kids schoolwork, calling to be sorted and scrapbooked.

I'm seeing the puppy pee stains on my rug calling (no, screaming) to be taken in for cleaning.

I'm seeing all those blank walls, calling for art, or better function (hooks?), or color, or photos, or inspiration. (Or anything other than blank beige walls.)

I suppose I saw these things before, but there just wasn't the time/energy/motivation to deal with them.

Suddenly I have the time, and I'm feeling the motivation now that my home is my new headquarters.

I work best when my surroundings are orderly, organized, and beautiful. I'm starting the process of reclaiming my space this week, starting with the front living room.


1) Deal with the piles of paperwork
2) Overhaul the game closet
3) Take the rug to the cleaners
4) Edit, streamline, tidy, beautify

Want to join me? Do you need to reclaim a space?

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  1. Love this! I too am reclaiming my space this week! I'm working hard to clean up my living room first, but I'm reclaiming the entire apartment ... eventually! :-)