Week One Observations

[A random list of observations, per my goal to document the journey as I transition away from my traditional corporate life to a new kind of life that I'm making up as I go along.]

I was more aware of the weather than I typically am during the working day.

I was feeling pressured early in the week, by nobody but myself, to "get a lot done" during the day.  I felt better later in the week when I gave myself permission to "take the day off". Interestingly, that was the day I ended up "getting a lot done" without having planned to.

I was reminded that working out takes a lot of time, between the getting there, working out, getting home, and showering.

I was energized by the morning I spent talking to a friend who is an artist.

I was delighted to have a chance to finally attend a weekly meditation group run by a friend of mine on Friday at 10am, such an inaccessible time in my past life. It was lovely, and turned out to be a highlight of my week.

I was proud to have jumped in the pool to swim with Andrew. 

I was pleased with myself for getting dinner on the table each night, with a meal everyone (including my vegan husband) could eat. 

I was distressed by the number of times my daughter compared me (unfavorably) to our nanny. It was humbling, and reminded me that this is a big transition for everyone in the family. 

I was rewarded with the sense that I am on the right track (despite the above-mentioned rocky moments), when I found it easier to focus on the kids this weekend than usual, knowing that I could focus on [the house, myself, my to-do list, etc.] on Monday when they went to school.

I was happy to have had a chance to spend more time with my parents who I am looking forward to reconnecting with during this new chapter.

I was realizing toward the end of the week that it's going to take me a while to really get the hang of this. I feel like I'm still thinking in the back of my mind that I'm going back to work soon. I am not accustomed to the luxury of time.

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