Week One Goals

Labor Day, Sept 3rd, marks the first Monday of my new life. I'm taking the day off like many around the country. But on Tuesday, when everyone goes back to work, I will not be going. It will be the first official day that I would have been going in, but won't be.

I've got lots of plans, and some specific goals for the Fall, which I shared the other day. But today I'm thinking at a much more simple level about my goals for this First Week. And I'm thinking about starting off with the basics.

I'm going to practice taking care of myself. I've been very very busy over the past few years, taking care of lots of priorities and many other people, but not always taking the best care of myself. I want to change that, starting from Week One.

Goals for Week One: Take care of myself

1) Sleep: Go to bed by 10pm every night and wake by 6:30.
2) Exercise: Go on a run or go to the studio every day.
3) Stretch: Take time to work on my flexibility for at least 20 minutes every single day.
4) Eat breakfast: Start the day with a small healthy something in addition to my usual coffee routine.
5) Get the little things right: Take calcium, floss, treat my asthma with those awful two puffs twice daily.
6) Make the bed and do the dishes: Start and end the day with order and tidiness.
7) Cook dinner: Make a healthy meal for my family every night.
8) Meditate: Download a guided meditation podcast, and give it a chance, every day all week.

I do most of the things on this list at least some of the time now. But what would it feel like if I did all of these things, every single day for a full week? Maybe that won't be long enough to feel anything change, but I'll bet I notice a change after a month. And you can't get to a month without starting with a week. And the First Week seems like an appropriate time to start.  

What do you think of my list? Did I forget anything? 

I'm going to give it a try. I'll report back next week on what I find.

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  1. I'm a bit behind, but I'd say your list of goals is admirable. Did you forget anything?!?