Week Four Goals

As I mentioned in my Week Three recap, I really liked having a single theme and focus for my weekly goal. So I'm going to do that again this week.

My theme this week is Paper.

All kinds of paper. 

The kind that comes from who-knows-where and gets put in a pretty basket for "later", and ends up looking like this (for months.)

The kind that comes home from school and gets stashed neatly in a pretty magazine file box, but which hasn't been processed and dealt with (since sometime last year.)

And especially this kind. The kind that is messy, falling all over the place, and creating a sense of disorder that practically screams out to other papers "hey come over here and hang out in this mess with us!" This is the kind of pile that just grows and grows.

I am going to tame it. Bring it to order. And do it in a way that is sustainable and prevents future piles of paper, like the ones above, grow again. 

I am going to figure out where it comes from, how it gets in, where it goes, why it moves, and why it doesn't. Then see if I can devise a better way. 

There's got to be a better way.

Do you have piles of paper that need taming? What works for you? Tune in next week to find out what I did to handle mine. Wish me luck!


  1. I love your concrete weekly goals. They inspire me! As for paper, I took a "mindful" approach to taming my paper mess. I gave the paper mess 1 month (you might not take so long) to accumulate--to OBSERVE it accumulate WITHOUT JUDGEMENT. And then I looked at what had collected. It helped me define my collections and give them proper homes.

    1. Love this approach! I fear I may not have the patience... but will be mindful of observing the paper that comes in this week to see if I unearth any clues. :)