Parenting Manifesto from Daring Greatly

I haven't read the book yet, but I think I may need to after seeing this.

The "Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto" is from Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, out this week. Had me in tears. I may just need to put this one up on my wall somewhere. It's a message that feels right, and timely, for where we are in our house.

I hope you like it too.

If it's hard to read, click HERE to see a larger version (and to download your own copy.)

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  1. I read the whole version and I too found great inspiration. It made me wonder if I (we) were able to create that in even a small way for you and Andrea. You are beginning to uncover your authentic self, aren't you? It's a long journey, but well worth your time to go deeper into who you really are. Love, Mom