More & Less

With the upcoming Autumnal Equinox in mind, per my earlier post, I am playing with some journaling prompts along the themes of balance and transition.

Today, I wrote two lists, one titled "More", and one titled "Less".

It's a great journaling prompt anytime, but seems particularly appropriate at this time of the year, when the day and night achieve a perfect balance. What do I need to add and subtract from my life to achieve the balance I'm striving for?

More heart....Less mind.

More time....Less rushing.

More being in the moment....Less multitasking.

More art....Less powerpoint.

More people who lift me up....Less criticism and complaining.

More positive thinking....Less fear.

More faith....Less worry.

More choices....Less stuff.

More fun....Less restriction.

Some of those lines are pretty universal and may resonate with lots of people. Other lines refer to something personal for me that may not be obvious to anybody else, but they make sense to me. That's what's great about these types of lists. They are just for you, and they don't need to make sense to anybody else.

(I wrote the list while in the car waiting for carpool pickup, and snapped the picture with my phone right there too. I love that I can use that car time for little moments of reflection. It's just the perfect amount of time to experiment with a journaling prompt.)

What's on your More and Less list this Autumnal Equinox?

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  1. I like your idea of using bits of car time usefully. My 6 yo's first grade teacher gave me a tip on dealing with self conscious kids: talk to them in the car, where they don't have to look right at you.