Marking the Autumnal Equinox

The first tinge of fall is appearing on my backyard maple

I'm sure you've noticed it. The days have been getting gradually shorter. We've been losing a couple of minutes of light each day since the Summer Solstice about 3 months ago.  

Coming up this Saturday, the autumnal equinox marks the moment when the day and the night reach approximately equal length. It signals a transition from the summer months of the year to the winter months. From this point, the nights become longer than the days. The nights will gradually increase in length until the Winter Solstice, at which time we experience the longest night of the year, and the return to gradually lengthening days.

(I like thinking about these deep rhythms of our world, and thinking about what they may mean to me in my daily life. It feels soul-satisfying in some way.)

The Autumnal Equinox is both a time of balance between light and dark, but also a time of transition.  I like the ideas of balance and transition, and they both feel highly relevant to what I'm doing in my life right now.

In honor of the upcoming equinox, I am playing with some journaling prompts that key into the themes of balance and transition. I'll be sharing those later in the week.

Meanwhile, I'm also thinking about ways to mark the equinox in my family, just for fun and to help the kids be more aware of the rhythms in the background of our lives. Some ideas I'm playing with:

A ceremonial first lighting of the living room fireplace.

A special menu that night featuring fall foods.

Making Saturday the day to get the big box of fall seasonal decor out of the garage and into the house.

An art/craft project with a fall theme.

What will you do to mark the equinox and the arrival of Fall?


  1. I bought some pumpkins and put a fall wreath on the front door. I got out my box of autumn decorations and put them around the house. I'm wearing warmer clothes in the morning and evening and enjoying the middle of the day when it's a bit warmer. I'm noticing the change in the light from the sun, always a sure change of seasons for me -- more mellow and golden. Love, Mom

    1. Good list. You're right about the light... it just feels different this time of year.