How'd I do? Week Two Goals revisited.

It's Monday morning, and I'm looking back over my Week Two Goals. Lets look at how I did.

Several of the goals I set circled around the idea of slowing down a bit this week to leave more room for fun, and for each moment to guide the way. (My good friend Wendy texted me the picture above, which was perfectly timed for what I'm working on this week.)

I said yes to an impromptu request on Tuesday from my Dad to help him on a project for Great Uncle Mark, which led to a morning of sewing industrial velcro onto plastic shoes (yes, really!) followed by an unscheduled and lovely lunch with my Dad.

I said yes to a super nice neighbor who offered us last minute tickets to the Stanford vs USC game, and yes to the mini-tailgate my husband wanted to organize. (The tailgate was a huge hit! Here's to my hubby driving the Fun Train! More of this please...!)

Beyond that, I did make progress on the more concrete goals in my list.

I cleaned out my closet: I hate saying goodbye to perfectly good items, but forced myself to admit it when they really don't work for me anymore. And I moved all the "work clothes" out to the garage. I am loving the empty space left behind, and finding that less is more.

I got closer to caught up on Project Life though I still have a ways to go to be caught up.

I continued to keep my exercise activity high: I went to the Dailey Method, went running (twice!), took a long and hilly hike, and swam laps.

I continued to enjoy cooking each night, and introduced a new recipe into our rotation, which turned out to be a huge hit! (Avocado Wasabi Salad, shown here with a side of baked salmon.)

On to Week Three!

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  1. That salas and salmon look scrumtious! Yummmmmm It sounds like you did a great job this week meeting your goals and leaving some time for spontaneous moments and fun along with some nitty gritty. Love reading your blog! Love, Mom