How'd I do? Week Three goals revisited

It's Monday morning, and I'm looking back over mWeek Three Goals. Lets look at how I did.

Last week I experimented with just a single central goal, rather than a longer list of goals as I'd had in Week One and Week Two.

I liked the format, for two reasons:

First it gave me a clear place to focus during those "between times". There was no decision making. No "what should I do now?" feelings of uneasiness. 

(When I was a working gal, hardly ever had any "between times". My meetings were booked back to back. In the rare times I had a gap in my schedule, I was frantically trying to catch up on email or work on an upcoming deliverable.) 

In my new life, I don't have nearly as much email, and there's not as much pressure to keep a constant eye on it (love that.) But I do have a deliverable, thanks to my weekly goal format. In this case, "Reclaiming my space, Front Room Edition!"

And so that's what I did. I tackled the Front Room. 

The "Before" picture of the Front Room
The "After" picture of the Front Room
I'm not sure how well it comes across in the photos, but in person the difference was quite dramatic.

I am really liking the sense of order and function. 

I like the less cluttered feeling. 

I like the sense of space and openness.

The project makes me want to spend more time in that room. And it makes me want to take on another room. I have a feeling "Reclaiming my space" may become a series. (But not quite yet... I have another idea for this week...)

On to Week Four!

[Note: If you are wondering what it's "week four" of, please read this post about my decision to take a year off of my corporate career, and this post about my plan for the year.]

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