Dear Fall

The fall dahlia cutting garden at nearby Filoli Gardens

I loved the "Dear Fall" letter written by Ali Edwards a few days ago on her blog. It made me want to write one too.

Dear Fall,

Can it be you are here already? I'm always surprised by your arrival, and this year was no exception. Where did Summer go? Don't take it personally, but I do love Summer so.

That said, if Summer must take its leave, I am so glad it's you who's come instead, and I hope you stay for a while. I'd like you to linger for a bit, and I'd like to linger with you. There's no hurry to be off, for either of us.

Lets spend some more time together this year than we had time to last year.

I plan to be out running in your crisp air. I will be taking my children on after school field trips in your still-warm sunshine. I will be going for a walk with a friend admiring your effect on our trees. I will be lighting candles for the family dinners I am now preparing in the newly darkening evenings. I will be reading a book to my children by the fireplace, newly lighted.

It all sounds lovely, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to really show up and be present with you this year. Lets make it a great one.


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  1. I love writing to inanimate things and concepts ala ali. It just works somehow. Any thoughts on why this kind of prompt is so powerful?