A Year "Off"

image credit: Barb Cabot
I have big news to announce. Exciting, terrifying, wonderful news.

Starting in September, I'm embarking on a new chapter in my life, starting with my departure from corporate life and the career I've been focused on for the better part of 2 decades. After much debate and soul searching, I've decided to take a year off.

I am going to take a year to do something different, and learn about life, and about myself, and what to do next. It really feels more like I'm taking a year "on", actually, rather than taking a year "off."

It's only "off" if you subscribe to the traditional corporate way of looking at how to spend those precious daytime hours. And I've been a subscriber of that view for many many years. But as of September, well, I'm suspending my subscription. I'm re-defining what's "on" and what's "off." And I'm going to do it for at least for a year. Maybe longer.

I want to make it great, but I want to be realistic about how hard it might be to make this kind of a transition. It's going to be tricky to make a sudden change, so dramatically, after cultivating the habits of a different life for two decades. 

My brain is bursting with ideas, and my to do list for the time is already very very long. If there's one thing that's become clear so far, it's that that I'm going to need to be thoughtful and purposeful about what I want to accomplish, and how I use that time.

In short, I need a plan.

With a plan, I reduce the chances of stumbling during the transition. I reduce the chances of ending up lost or letting time slip by without getting what I want out of it. I increase the chances of having a successful and energizing experience that yields learning, growth, and a new direction for my life.

I'm working on my plan, and I'm taking my time with it. Tinkering, refining, elaborating. It's a work in progress and may always be. I'll publish it here when I'm a little farther along. I'm almost there.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the excitement and anticipation. Here's to a new adventure!

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  1. Congratulations on the big life-changing decision Laurel. I think you are doing a great thing. Change is great, it's always good to shake things in your life up once in a while. Just discovered this new blog through the link you posted on the old one, thanks and hope you are all doing well :) See ya, Martin W