A three part plan... and my Goals for the Fall

As I've mentioned, I'm taking a year off, and have been working on a plan to make the most of it.

After thinking about it lots of different ways, I find that I'm settling in on a 3 part plan, with each part corresponding to a period of months during the year.
  • Fall is for simply recharging and adjusting. 
  • Winter/Spring is for more structured and purposeful rapid experiments. 
  • Summer is for adventuring with the family. 
As each part gets closer, I'll be putting together a more detailed vision and list of goals for each part. For now, here's what I'm thinking about for the fall.

Fall: Re-charge.

The vision: Open myself up to the experience of change. Feel what it's like to be less busy. Allow myself to enjoy the freedom to do things I haven't had time to do in years. Keep my expectations low. Be present with the newness. Allow learning to sneak up on me, and when it does, write it down for more study later.

While on the one hand this vision calls for low expectations, I can't seem to keep myself from setting some light goals for this period, connected to the Vision. Here they are:

My goals:
  • Self Care: Take better care of myself, particularly with exercise. (I've signed up for a half marathon in November, and for the Dailey Method for cross training.) 
  • Creativity: Learn to paint. Play with mixed media. Sew. 
  • Connection: Spend time with my kids. Re-kindle friendships and family connections. 
  • Document. Keep a journal. Write a blog (this one!). Keep up with Project Life and One Little Word.
I'm curious about how other people-who-are-not-working-traditional-full-time-jobs plan and set goals (or do they?). Do you think about your year all together, or in chunks as I have, or do you go month by month? Or do you prefer not to plan at all? I'd love to learn what others have done and what works for them. What do you do?

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