Right Now

March 6, 2012, 8:19am

Inspired by Amanda Soul’s “Right now” lists, here’s mine this morning.

Right now I am:

:: Feeling pleasantly tired from working out this morning at 6am

:: Indulging in a late-to-work morning

:: Trying to continue with the morning’s resolve not to rush (the kids, or myself)

:: Happy to have found a branch of spring blossoms on the street... now in a vase in my living room

:: Grateful that Kenna is peacefully asleep on her favorite chair

:: Enjoying my coffee from my favorite mug with the kids picture on it

:: Wishing I could play hookey and sew those coasters I saw at Stitches last Sunday

:: Worried that Jeff might be beating me into the shower

:: Sad about Jay’s likely diagnosis of lung cancer

:: Glad the kids are so happy to go to school, making mornings easier

:: Glad Julia is finally expressing interest in putting her hair up -- I love it off her face, and this morning’s pigtails with ribbon accents was super cute

:: Still feeling the warm snuggly soft feeling from cuddling Andrew in bed this morning as I gently woke him up

:: Deciding this list is a lot of fun, but I really have to get to work!!  Signing off...

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