Month One: January's One Little Word Layout

Here is my January “One Little Word” assignment, completed.

The title page is a small pocket on the top of the first full page.  I used letter stamps to put my word, “curious”, onto the printed card I got from Ali’s course materials. 

 Behind it, when you flip it over, is a self portrait I took with my iPhone and a mirror.  I watched Ali’s tutorial to learn how to put an overlay on the picture (“Welcome 2012”).  You can see my cast in this picture - I broke my left wrist a few weeks ago.  In one sense it was an inauspicious end to one year and beginning of the next.  But actually, I found it's had the effect of reminding me of how fragile we are and how quickly things can change, and therefore how important it is to savor every moment and be grateful for what we have.  How's that for a silver lining?

The last picture shows the full first page with the title pocket flipped up so you can see the whole thing unobstructed.  I was very inspired and influenced by Ali’s January page, and copied lots of her ideas.  My butterflies in the lower bottom are an enlarged photocopy of a Thank You note that I got from my mom.  I love that.

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